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Seleccionar Teba Siena City Punto Gris Marengo (Talla)
Seleccionar Siena Teba jacket Forest check worsted wool (TALLA)
The Essence of Style

In simplicity, we find true elegance. My constant search for purity in design leads me to present to you this exclusive Teba jacket bundle.

The Teba reflects the essence of minimalism. Clean lines, pure woolen yarn fabric, a testament to beauty in simplicity. A garment that transcends seasons, adapting to each context with subtle elegance.

A dialogue between the traditional and the contemporary. Its refined and updated cut speaks of an evolved minimalism.
Woolen yarn: A material that speaks for itself.
Timeless design: Beyond fleeting trends.
Quality and comfort: In every stitch, in every line.
This bundle is not just a set of garments, it is a declaration of principles. In its simplicity lies its greatest value.

A Limited Offer: Two jackets, one essence. I invite lovers of pure design to experience elegance in its most elemental form.

Teba: Where less is truly more.


All orders are dispatched within 5 business days

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