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by LopezAragon1976

Sahariana Santana Herringbone Camel

$267.00 $357.00
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Discover our jacket crafted from 100% high-quality worsted wool fabric. This jacket combines style and functionality in a balanced manner, showcasing excellent craftsmanship.

The jacket features 4 strategically placed pockets, providing ample space to carry your essential items. Additionally, it boasts double pleats in the back, offering comfort and freedom of movement.

The worsted wool used in this jacket stands out for its durability and soft touch. The premium fabric ensures resistance to wear and keeps you warm on cooler days.

Whether for business meetings or urban activities, this jacket is an ideal choice for modern men who value style and comfort. You don't have to sacrifice your elegant appearance for functionality - our jacket has everything you need!

The delivery of this garment is subject to a timeframe of 5 to 10 days, depending on the workload at the workshop.

Take advantage of this opportunity and get our worsted wool jacket. Elevate your style and enjoy the comfort that this exclusive piece offers.


Important Note: Please be aware that shipments will begin starting from August 15th.